Here are some links to help you

Farm Town app link, this will take you to Farm Town page on the top left of the page you will see Farm Town and in blue box underneath  it says go to app. Click on the “go to app” it will then ask you to allow permission for Farm Town to connect to your wall etc, click allow and you will be taken to your own little virtual farm.

Link to Facebook, this is where you will have to sign up if you haven’t got a Facebook account.

Farm Town forum

Adobe Flash Player. If you haven’t got Flash Player then you can go here and get it. If you have but want to check if you have the latest version go here.

If you need neighbours you can get some from the official slashkey forum here is the direct link. You can also add your own link. The instructions on the top of how to find your own profile number is out of date. Please see my HELP section which shows you how to find your profile address.

Also now on the Facebook Page Farm Town Tricks

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