Farm Town Help

Problems with Farm Town
There can be problems with Farm Town from time to time and it can become really frustrating. Sometimes this is a problem with Slashkey and sometimes it is a problem with Facebook. Please don’t put problems on this site. I have nothing to do with Slashkey and can not help you other than to give you some advice on things that may help which are in the following paragraphs.
Here are a few things you can do first to see if that helps but when all else fails please go and report your problem to the Slashkey forum.
Forum Link
Also at the bottom of your farm there is a link Support this will open a page where you can send an email.

Instructions to help better game play.
Clean up your browser

Clear cache and cleaning up your browser. Here is the way to clear cache for what ever browser you are using.
It is advisable to close your browser once you have done this and restart it. Then try and reload the game.

Flash Player
Make sure you have the latest flash player installed. If you are on farm town there is a link at the bottom of your farm, which says update your latest version of flash by clicking  here. You can also go to this link.
If you have a recent version of flashplayer you may need to clear what adobe calls “trash items”
Click on this link
This will take you to the Flashplayer settings panel. On the adobe flashplayer settings manager you will see a list of websites, these are sites you have visited and stored in your flashplayer. Look for by scrolling down the list. Click on that file and then press delete. A confirm box will come up click ok.
You may want to increase the amount of storage used by flashplayer. You can do this by moving your cursor over the icons, 2nd one from the left. Global Storage Settings.  Move the slider bar across to at least 100kb. You must take into account your computers storage facility, if you have an older computer it may not have enough storage space to do this. On the same screen make sure that “Allow third party content to store data on your computer” is checked. Now your settings will be automatically stored.

Antispyware and security
Some spyware and security settings can be blocking your gaming experience. You can disable real-time security and see if the game will load. If the game will load and the running of the game is smooth then you know there is a problem with your spyware/security. Do not continue playing without real-time security running.
There are so many different Antispyware and security programmes that it would be impossible for me to list all of them and how to turn off, unblock sites from them. You will have to go to your particular spyware or security forum or help and support to find out how to do this. Here is what I use and I have never had a problem with it conflicting with Farm Town.

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Slow connection computers
Sometimes it is your connection or broadband that can be causing Farm Town to be running slow. If you haven’t got a fast connection then you can adjust your farm to work with your connection. Go to your farm; right click your mouse anywhere on your farm. You will see a menu come up, scroll down to Quality and set it on medium or low and see if this helps with the sluggishness of your gaming.

Still have problems
Remember if that has not solved your problems then please visit Slashkey official forum or click the support at the bottom of your farm.
How to link your farm in the forum for help
Linking your farm to the forum will help the moderators and developers determine your problem better.
Go to your wall; now go to your profile. Click on Info in the left hand column. Now look at the top in your browsers web bar. You will see something like this. I have altered the numbers to 000’s for example purposes.

NOTE: If you have the new facebook messages you will have been assigned a user name. It will no longer have the numbers for your ID but your user name. Follow the same instructions as above and go to Info. It should look like this user name&sk=info. If you can’t see this in your address bar then scroll down to the bottom of info and next to where it says Facebook will be your user name.

Your numbers are the ones after the id= may be longer or shorter. Now you need to take those numbers which is your ID and put them like this when asked to add your farm to the forum.

If you want people to go directly to one of your farms leave the Y out and substitute it with the number of the farm you want them to view.