Farm Town send Multiple Gifts to Friends

Go to Farm Town. Now go to the tab at the top that says “Send Gifts” click on it so the gift page is on your screen.

Now go to the “Send Gifts” tab again but right click so a drop down menu appears find open in another tab, click and the gift page should open another tab. Continue doing this until you have as many tabs you require open or what your browser will allow. If you have a slow browser or connection 4-5 tabs is the recommendation.

Now go back to first tab far left. It will not work if you do not do this step. Decide which gift you want to send your friend/friends. Click on the circle below the gift you wish to send. Now click on “Proceed to send” this will take you to the area where you choose which friend/friends to send the gift to.

Choose from the list the friend/friends you want to send the gift to. You should see their name in the bottom box. DO NOT PRESS SEND. Leave the page as it is and move on to the next open tab.

In the next tab repeat the steps by choosing the gift and then going to the send page and choosing your friend/friends to send too. ONCE AGAIN DO NOT PRESS SEND. Open the next tab. Continue doing this until you have the send page open on the last tab.

Now go back to the first tab again far left.


Now go to the next tab and again click send. Keep doing this on all the tabs you have open you will notice that the tabs will change to play and load Farm Town as you go along the tabs. Once you have finished all tabs just start closing them until you only have one remaining open and your friends should now get their multiple gifts.

If you wish to watch the video click on the link below

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10 Responses to Farm Town send Multiple Gifts to Friends

  1. Everyone loves the whenever people get together in addition to share views. my favorite sitemaybe stick with it d

  2. Sandra Hauswirth says:

    In September all Farmtown players leveled up and received Farmtown Cash. When this occurred, I got the FC, but the cash I had disappeared. How do I get it back? I have written numerous letters to FaceBook, the Developers and places where I have seen Contact Us while playing the game and the only thing I received was several computer generated notes that someone would contact me, be patient. What can I do? Any help will be greatly appreciated as the FC $$$$ are hard to come by.

  3. gail davis says:

    Isn’t there anyway to convert your coins into farmtown cash, I have 375 million coins and 12 farm cash I have done the quests and tried the other things, any help would be appreciated

  4. Toni says:

    All of this is old news, we are now in 2014! I need to find out about the trains – Engine and cars…do we have to have these on one of our farms, including train rails (tracks)?
    And up in the ‘wrench’, it shows transparent dispatched trains…what is this?? And how do all of these work?

  5. sherie wells says:

    hello everyone i am new here

  6. Dave Ashwell says:

    Can you please tell me WHY Soft-key NEVER EVER answers my queries???

    And can you also tell me WHY the site is SO SLOW in adding things like Juniper trees etc??

    Regards from Australia

  7. This has been most helpful!!!

  8. norman says:

    Hello Tell us some good ones on how to get more green $ or more xps this is old stuff everyone knows how to do thie,

    What about freezing the coins or changing the xps to whatere you like
    I know it can be done


    Norman :))

  9. Q. Morning Star says:

    how do I find the link to send for you to put it on for gifts

    • Angela says:

      It’s top secret !! No not really. I would have others links on here but then most people who use the site would submit them and then they wouldn’t work for you as you can’t use your own links.

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