Farm Town Tips

Farm Town Tips

Here are a few Tips for you to help you either improve your Farm Town experience or take advantage of some of the glitches in the Farm Town Game.

Gift tricks

I have only ever got this to work a few times but you may be luckier.

When exchanging unwanted gifts in the acceptance window keep clicking on the Exchange button until it disappears you may if you are lucky get 3 to 4 of that item.

Problems with working others Facilities

When working on others facilities it can sometimes not take you to the next facility. Just click on the nearest facility you see and the pop up box will appear. It may say you have already worked this facility. Click the notice off and then close the facility pop up box and it will then send you to the next facility box and you can carry on where you left off.

Not seeing friend request for working Facilities

If you are not seeing friend request to work their facilities on your wall go down to the bottom of your feed page. On the right you will see “Edit Options” click on this. A pop up box will appear that says  all your friends and pages now scroll down and look for Farm Town in the list you see below if Farm Town is there in the list click on the blue cross next to it and then click on Save. You should now start seeing your friend’s requests on your wall.

If like me you have many friends who play lots of other games and you wall feed goes too fast you can use the link below which I use because I also play the rival farm game to farm town and zoo world and I find this very handy to find out which of my friends have posted requests.

Please make sure you have enabled Farm Town feeds to work on your wall as instructed above before you use this link otherwise it will not work. Once you have used this link it will automatically bookmark itself to your game links on the left hand side of your feed.

Fishing Tips

When fishing and you haven’t been able to get them all either go to another farm and come back or refresh your game and you will be able to get the rest. If you have been hired to fish on someone’s farm ask them to rehire you after you have took a few out and then you will get them all. If you are working along side someone else fishing, both fish from same river sea and pond and you will catch all the fish and much quicker. If you hire someone to fish on your farm before you hire them just go around taking a few out say up to 5 fish from each river, sea or pond and they will be able to catch all fish for you.

Flower Tip

Never water flowers again.
If you water your flowers then add them to storage and then add them back to your farm or another one they never need watering again. NB if you do this you will not earn money from watering flowers ever again on that farm unless you delete them all and start again.

Market Tip

Before you go to the market to sell your goods go offline, you will find it much easier and quicker. If you are finding selling at the market slow or stocking your facilities. Go back into your facebook wall and then re- enter farm town and it should be quicker.

Things that make loading slow

Lots of animals wondering around your farm make the game very slow for you to load and for others if you have hired them. I once was hired to chop trees and it was so glitchy and slow it was unbelievable, when I hide the trees there were animals all over the place. Place your animals in the appropriate sheds and barns and just have a few wandering around for show makes the game load much faster.

Hedges and stone walls can make the game load slowly also. Too many of these will make a difference, it’s fine if you are using them as hedges or walls to divide your farm up into sections but if you are going for the illusion or 3d effect please be careful how many you put together and use.

Some of the covers also make the game very slow to load. Asphalt seems to be the biggest culprit so please be aware of this if you want animals also on the same farm and overlapping fields or hundreds of trees I advise you don’t use the darker covers. Also the dark brown cover and tall grass seems to be others that causes a lot of loading problems. If you are trying to overlap or layering crops go back to using the default cover if other covers are causing problems.



Here is a little trick that you might like to put on the website.

Many people have 2 or more accounts on farmtown the problem is you must
log into one account at a time to play the game, and you can’t hire
yourself from your other account to harvest plough etc.

The solution that will allow you to do this is simple use two different
browsers to log into both of your facebook accounts at the same time.

If you only have Internet Explorer installed then install ether Firefox,
Google Chrome or any other browser and run them both at the same time
then you will be able to hire yourself from both farm accounts and
harvest, plough or sell products to each account.

I know this works on IE, Firefox and Google Chrome but I have not tried
it on any other browsers although I expect it will work on others such
as Flock

I hope that’s of interest to you.

Best Regards,

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