Farm Town Facilities and Trees

Farm Town Facilities and Trees

Alphabetical order

Almond Tree – Cereal Factory

Apple Tree – Bakery, Juice Factory, Frozen Food Factory, Confectionery Factory

Apricot Tree – drying factory

Avocado Tree – Taco Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant

Bamboo Tree – Furniture Factory, Cookware Factory, Air Freshners Factory

Banana Tree – Snack Factory, Dinner Restaurant

Cedar Tree – Essential Oils Factory, air freshners factory

Cherry Tree – Food Preserve Factory, Bakery, Juice Factory

Cinnamon Tree – Cinnamon Factory

Cocoa Tree – Chocolate Factory

Coconut Tree – Oil Factory, Ice Cream Factory

Cranberry Tree – Juice Factory, drying factory

Fig Tree – Drying Factory

Lemon Tree – Juice Factory, Confectionery Factory, Sea Food Restaurant, Air Fresheners Factory

Mango Tree – Ice Cream Factory, Frozen Food Factory

Mulberry Tree – Textile Mill

Oak Tree – Sawmill

Olive Tree – Oil Factory, Pizza Restaurant

Orange Tree – Food Preserve Factory, Juice Factory, Air Fresheners Factory

Peach Tree – Food Preserve Factory, Essential Oil Factory, Brewery

Pear Tree – Food Preserve Factory, drying factory

Pine Tree – Sawmill, Pappermill (does NOT use Pine from Sawmill), fish and chips

Plum Tree -drying factory

Rubber Tree – Rubber Factory

Walnut Tree – Snack Factory, Ink and Pigments Factory

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