Farm Town Facilities and Fish

Farm Town Facilities and Fish

Alphabetical Order

Carp:Sushi Restaurant

Catfish : Fish and chips

Cod: Frozen Food Factory, fish and chips

Crab: Seafood Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant

Eel: Sushi Restaurant

Haddock: fish and chips

Herring : Smokehouse

Lobster: Seafood Restaurant

Mackerel: Sushi Restaurant

Mahi Mahi: Hamburger Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant

Mussels: Pasta Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant,

Oysters: Seafood Restaurant

Salmon: Dinner Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant, smokehouse, fish and chips

Scallop: Pasta Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant

Shrimp: Chinese Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant

Squid: Fish and chips

Swordfish: Seafood Restaurant

Tilapia: Seafood Restaurant

Tuna: Food Preserve Factory, Sandwich Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant

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