Farm Town Game Screen

Farm Town Game Screen

Let’s walk around your game screen so you can understand and get use to its functions.

Above your green farm you have 7 white tabs, Send gifts, Play, My neighbours, Invite, Forum & Help, Account, Earn Cash and Coins.

On your game screen you have on the far left a yellow C with figures next to it, this is your coins.

Under that you have a green $ sign this is Farm Town Cash with a figure next to it. You start off with 5 Farm Town Cash. You don’t need this at the moment.

When you get going on your farm and are able to unlock more tools under the coins and farm town cash you will have a fuel can icon with figures next to it. This is the amount of fuel you have to work around your farm and others.


The next thing you see on the top of your screen is an envelope, this is your messages. If you click on it, it will tell you your inbox is empty. When someone sends you a message the envelope will have a little red circle with a number in it showing you how many messages you have in your inbox. If you have a message click on it and your inbox will open, you can view your message and reply to your message here.

Experience Bar

The next thing on your top screen is a bar it will say 0 next to the bar and 1 at the other end when you first start. 0 is how many experience points you have at the moment. 1 is the level you are presently at. When you start plowing or harvesting the white line will move along the bar as you gain “XP” experience points. Once you have reached the required XP for each level the 1 will change to 2 and so on as you move up the levels. For Levels and how many XP for each Level see

Farm Name

The next thing on your screen on the top is the name of your farm. I have explained how you can change this in First Time playing Farm Town. Here is the link if you haven’t read it yet.

Tool Bar

Far right of your screen you will see 6 small icons.


The first icon is SAVE, this is to save your game data. If you click on it a pop up box will appear saying pending changes have been save, if you want to save changes click on the green tick. The game actually does save data every 20 seconds but you should click on this before you exit the game or have made any changes.


The second icon (looks like a musical note) this is the toggle button for the music of the game, you can turn this off by clicking on it. It will turn red when you have turned it off and it is white when it is on.


The third icon (looks like a speaker) this is the toggle button for the sounds of the game, you can turn this off by clicking on it. It will turn red when off and white when on.


The fourth icon (looks like a spanner). This is one is an important tool and will be used the most through out your game play.  This is your Preferences. When  you click this you will get a menu come up.

Show Trees This when checked shows the trees on your farm or others farms, when unchecked hides the trees on yours or others farms. This is handy if you or someone else has harvest under their trees, you can uncheck and hide trees so you can see the work area more clearly.

Show Flowers. This when checked shows the flowers on your farm or others farms, when unchecked it hides the flowers, this is handy if like myself you plow and harvest under flowers.

Show Buildings. This when checked shows the buildings, when unchecked it hides the buildings either on your farm or on others.

Show Decorations. This when checked shows the decorations around the farm, when unchecked it hides the decorations on yours and others farms.

Highlight fertilized crops/trees. This when checked shows all crops and trees that are fertilized with a haze. When unchecked the haze is no longer there on yours or others farms.

Just below these options you will see 2 more.

Freeze Animals this if checked stops the animals from wandering around your farm. Too many animals especially if left to roam can make your farm slow and lag.

Smooth Graphics This option when checked allows you to view your farm with high quality graphics. Please Note: Dependent upon your computers capabilities this can create delays within the game and potentially crash your browser.

Below these options you have a further 3 more options.

Remove Spaces Between Fields. If this option is checked it allows you to put your fields side by side, enabling you to plow more fields on your farms surface. If this option is unchecked you will have spaces between each field which you get when you first start playing.

Follow Avatar While Walking. When this option is checked the screen automatically refocuses on your Avatar when it is moved around on your screen, you don’t have to pan to see your Avatar. When this option is unchecked you can work on your farm without the game screen following the Avatar around thus allowing you to work more freely without the game screen changing when the avatar moves around.

Wait For Each Plow/Plant. When this option is checked you can only work on your fields one by one. When this option is unchecked you can work ahead of yourself, you can click on multiple fields putting each one in a queue. This works with plowing, seeding and harvesting making game play a lot faster.

When you have completed your preferences by checking or unchecking the boxes if you want to save them then click the green tick at the bottom of the pop up box if you want to close without saving preferences then click the red X at the top right of the pop up box.

Connect/ Disconnect

The fifth icon (looks like a plug with two prongs)

This is the connect/ disconnect option. It is green by default (online). If you click on this option you will get a screen that says Disconnect from Mainframe and enter offline mode. If you click on the green tick your will then notice that the icon has turned red, this means your are now offline. If you click on the Red Cross you will stay online.

Choosing to play offline. If you choose this option you will be invisible on your farm, on others farms and in the market. You can choose this option if you want to plow and plant on your farm without others knowing you are there or you can go to market to sell what you have in store without others knowing you are there. People can still access your farm but they just won’t see you there. You can visit neighbours in this mode but you can only go through the neighbours bar along the bottom to stay in offline mode.  When you are in offline mode you are still connected to the farm town servers so any changes you make will be saved.

Go back online. To go back online you simply click back on the plug icon and the pop up box will say Reconnect to Mainframe and enter online mode, just click on the green tick and you will go back online and see the icon has turned back green.


The sixth icon (question mark).This is the help button. If you click on this a pop up will appear with tutorials from the major, click on next to read through the tutorials or the little cross at the top of the box to turn the tutorials off.

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