Farm Town first time playing

The first time you play
When you first play you will be met by the mayor who will guide you through your first time on Farm Town. He will help you name your first farm and your avatar (the little person who goes around your field). You will also have to choose whether you want to be male or female.

The next screen will take you to your avatar screen where you can choose the look of your skin colour, hair, eyes, mouth, nose, eye brows and ears. You need to click on the green tick to save your preferences. You can change the look of your avatar anytime you want by highlighting your avatar and then clicking and going to change appearance.

To change the name of your avatar, go to account at the top of your game screen next to forum. When you click on account you will see your avatar’s present name. Change the name if you require. You can also change your gender here and then click on “change” button to save your changes and then go back to the Play tab to reload your farm.

You can also change the name of your farm any time you like. Go to the brown oval where the name of your farm presently is, click on it and a pop up box will appear which says enter new farm name. Change the name and then click on the green tick to save your changes.

To move your avatar around the farm just click where you want to go and your avatar will move there. You can pan around your farm just hold your mouse down using the left mouse key and you can move your farm around within the game screen, let go of the mouse key once you have got to where you were going on your farm. If you scroll your wheel of your mouse in you will get a closer look at the area you are working on if you scroll your wheel of your mouse out you will get broader view of your farm. You can also use the full screen mode which will take away the adverts etc at the side and only display a full screen of your farm. You can enter full screen mode by clicking on the black window that has two arrows on it in the tools panel bottom right of your screen.

On your first farm You will be have several items already on your farm. A lemon tree, apple tree and orange tree. A pig, a sheep and fencing and a water trough. You will also have 2 tomato fields, 2 potato fields and rice fields each have different harvesting times. You will have 6 non plowed fields and two plowed fields. You will also have coins to start you with. Farm coins are next to the yellow icon with a C in it. You also have 5 farm cash, the green $ icon under the coins. Farm cash can be used later on in the game to buy bigger items.

It is advisable to plow more fields and seed them rather than spending your money on decorations at this stage of the game. Ideally plant raspberries 2 hours growing time, grapes or other 4 hours growing time or potatoes or other seeds that have a 1 day growing time.

Each day you go on your farm you will get a pop up that will tell you you have won varying amounts of coins from the lottery. You will only see this once a day. You can earn more coins in other ways besides harvesting. You can visit your neighbours, you will get 6 coins for each neighbour you visit, you can also water there flowers which will earn you money. You can also sell any gifts your friends have sent you by placing them on your farm, clicking on them and then sell them. You may sell the gifts that farm town first gave you if you need more money for seeding.

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  1. leisha says:

    or to sell it?

  2. leisha says:

    i recently let my son get a farm town and bought some farm cash for him to “play” with, he soon got bored and i was wondering if there is a way to transfer the cash to my farm, i dont want it to go to waste cause he no longer plays. and i could use it. is there a way to do this?

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