How to get neighbours in Farm Town

How to get Neighbours in Farm Town

Neighbours are an essential part of Farm Town you need at least 10 neighbours to unlock plowing on others peoples farms. You can plow on your own but you can not plow for others or when you get hired in the market place if you have less than 10 neighbours. You have to be friends through Facebook to ask people to be your neighbour in Farm Town.

Asking friends who already play or have an activated Farm Town account.

Firstly request to be neighbours with your friends on facebook. Go to your farm and at the top there is a tab that says My Neighbours, click on that you will then see your friends that already have Farm Town activated. If they are highlighted in blue then they are already your neighbours. If they are highlighted in light pink then you have already sent a request but they haven’t accepted. Scroll down and find friends highlighted in white and then select who you want to request by clicking the blue box that says “Add ‘Timmy’ as a neighbour”. You can also back this up by sending them a message on their profile page telling them you have sent a request and would they please look out for it. It doesn’t matter if they are not playing the game at the present time as long as they accept your neighbour request they will show up as your neighbour next time you load the game.

Asking friends that don’t play

If you have friends that you know would enjoy playing Farm Town you can always invite them to play and once they have accepted your request you can then follow the above steps for asking friends who play to become your neighbour. When you go to your farm next to the tab my neighbours is another tab Invite. Click on that and invite friends that you think would like Farm Town to join. You can also get friends to play by sending them a gift from the send gift tab. When they open the gift from their wall they will be asked if they want to allow Farm Town permissions and can become apart of Farm Town that way.

Other ways of getting neighbours

Another way to get neighbours is to go to Slashkey forum neighbour request section. You can browse through the people who have asked for more neighbours. Make sure you only look through fairly current pages though because their requests may have been answered and they have too many neighbours now or if it is a much older post they may not play any more. You can right click their link and open a new tab and have a look at their profile. Although most of the people are genuine on slashkey you will always get the odd one or two who could become a nuisance friend. If this happens at a later date just delete them from your friends list. Don’t forget to put Farm Town neighbour or just Farm Town in the message area when you request as a friend for Facebook.

You can also put your own request up on the Slashkey forum for neighbours. I have detailed instructions in my help section on how to find your Facebook address ID which you will need to post to the forum. Once someone has sent you a friends request you can vet them by right clicking, opening a new tab and looking at their profile. If you don’t like the look of them or would rather not be their friend go back to your friend requests and click on the Not Now button next to their request.

Once you have got all these new friends on Facebook don’t forget to go to my neighbours tab on Farm Town and request for them to be your neighbours there.

Slashkey forum neighbours requests, this is the official site to get neighbours or request them. The way to add your profile Id is out of date which is displayed at the top of this page so please follow the instructions in my help section. Link below this one.

My help section which will show you how to add your Facebook profile Id to the forum, scroll down to the section that tells you how to link your Id for forum help. The instructions on the slashkey forum are out of date.

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  1. Rose an John says:

    I need neigbhers on farm town please.

  2. Jenny Andersen says:

    I would love some more Farm Town Neighbor’s please and thank you my friend Jenny needs friends too



  3. wayne says:

    hi i need neighbours

  4. Kerry says:

    I need neighbours, anyone is welcome to add me.

  5. TINA says:

    I need people for farm town as neighbors to up my lands

  6. katie says:

    i am needing farmtown neighbours ,need 20 to upgrade please add me

  7. Melanie says:

    Please can you help me get new Farmtown neighbours

    Photo is myself with a dolphin

  8. Jesse says:

    Add me on facebook for neighbor

    *Only FARMTOWN!!*

  9. Marissa says:

    I need farm town neighboors, please would people help. Send me a request

  10. Hi All my name is debbie vandecar & I need farmtown neighbors , all you have to do is send me a friend request on facebook …..

  11. Michael Gaul says:

    I need at least 30 neighbors so I can get more farms and level up faster. Please add me… my profile pic has a female in it also when you get to my page just make sure you message me and put ” Farmtown” in the message box.

    Michael Gaul

  12. Jamie Dingemans says:

    Please add me as a neighbor. I am the only one on facebook by my name : Jamie Dingemans. Add me on facebook and send me a message saying “new farm town neighbor” and I will send you a request to be neighbors on farm town :) thanks!

    You may also add my mom if you need more friends. Kelley Hallum is her name, add her on facebook and send her a message saying “new farm town neighbor” and she will send you a request to be neighbors on farm town as well!

  13. pat says:

    neighbors needed

  14. JACKIE says:


  15. Sheri says:

    I need farmtown neighbors…..please and thank you!!

  16. Andy Bronson says:

    Please add me to be a farm town neighbor!!

  17. Barbara Cole says:

    I do not have a website. How can I possible get some neighbors? ? ?

  18. ziv says:

    Please add me to your neighbour in farmtown 😀
    Thank U

  19. Tom says:

    Looking for neighbors on farmtown. Please add me and I will add you. Will be hapy to send gifts you need.

  20. George says:

    If you are in need of a Farmtown neighbor and for farmville but dont plug the feed page with other lame stuff then you can add me. Thanks to all

  21. heather says:

    Please add me as your neighbour! Thank you

    Thank you kindly,

  22. Ron Neil says:

    I need neighbors please

  23. charles says:

    i need neighbors and i send gifts to

  24. Rosa Ramirez says:

    Please add me I need more neighbors.

  25. brain smith says:

    Please add me as your neighbor, I only have 2, just started playing and love this game.

  26. helen townsen says:

    please add me thank u

  27. Lisa says:

    Hi desperately need more neighborughs on Farm Town…. really hoping people will add me…. I send gifts and everything…..

    Thank you


  28. Looking for neighbors in Farmtown neighbors!!!!!

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