Fuel, free gifts for farm town

Farm Town free gift Fuel

Farm Town free gift Fuel.

In Farm Town you need Fuel for your tools such as the seeder, harvester,
fishing boat, flower cropper and tree chainsaw etc. If you are layering
fields or overlapping you will need quite a bit of Fuel although you can
generate enough Fuel yourself on your farm if you have an oil pump on each
farm you own and a Oil refinery. You can never have enough fuel so here are
some freebies.

Click on each Fuel icon and it will open in a new window/tab. Do not
go down to the bottom of your new tab and click DO YOU HAVE MORE PENDING GIFTS TO ACCEPT. Just close the open tab and click on the next Fuel Can. When you go back to facebook and reload Farm Town you will see your gifts in the gift box. You can only collect these gifts once every 24 hours if you try to claim the gift again before that time period is up you will get taken straight to play.







































































































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139 Responses to Fuel, free gifts for farm town

  1. Ronald (Ron) Schilling says:

    Thank you so much for your products

  2. hi like to know witch to click on first get most gas use my own refinery is it gas first or one the tanks gas one time lasted me over year then for got how geting most gas please help me to recall how thanks so much

  3. Linda says:

    How do do get this fuel to show up in the fuel..I still have 0

  4. cinders123 says:

    sorry meant site

  5. Barbara Cole says:

    Well, “OH HAPPY DAY !” I received ALL 50 gals of fuel. Thank You, very much !

  6. Barbara Cole says:

    Thanks for the fuel. I sure need it and I’m happy that everything is working fine.

  7. thanks for the free fuel

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  10. Barbara Cole says:

    Gosh, don’t know what’s going on with Farm Town Tricks. I got NINE CANS of fuel out of 50 ????????????????? Not worth the time I spent here. Really disappointed.

  11. Barbara Cole says:

    Seems things are just getting worse. I received 11 fuel cans out of 50. Gosh, I just don’t know why it’s so bad. What can I say….just keep tryin’ ! ! !

  12. Barbara Cole says:

    Another bad night. I’m just going to have to try doing this in the am. Maybe it’s the evening that so many folks are on that you just can’t get the fuel that you’re supposed to get. I got 17 fuel cans out of 50. Truly, not worth the effort. Wish I could get fuel from more than two places.

  13. tim gary says:

    i can’t get farmtown to load up anymore but it will load up on crome

  14. Elsie says:

    I need more fuel and when I get it then it goes into my gifts. When I accept it haow can I use it?

    • Hafdis says:

      Hi there you leave it in your inventory til the next time you refuel. then you will get a lot more fuel next time around

    • Spencer says:

      You go into your “gifts”, then “store” it. When you need more fuel, go to the fuel station. It will take it out of storage and put it in your tank.

  15. Shawna Capps says:

    I love farm town but I always get discourage because I never have enough cash and cant make cash fast enough how can I get more cash without buying something

    • Carolyn Bell says:

      I can’t get any $$$ when I work farmtown all the time. I am at the top level so I don’t earn any. They need to give more $$. I have been playing since it started.

  16. juday says:

    XOXO to you! thanks a loooooooot ;-D

  17. once you go thru 50 cans can you get more

  18. Nap Santos says:

    I received 50 fuel tanks which I stored . How can I use it?

  19. Nap Santos says:

    Thank you all donors!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Great site! Thanks so much for all the help :0)

  21. Jackie Westfall says:

    Thank you very much!

  22. Barbara Cole says:

    thanks for the gas….I can get my work done, now. Thank You, who ever you are, for giving us Farm Town farmers the fuel we need. AND, also, MANY other items. All of us farmers are very grateful.

  23. Beryl says:

    Thank you so much I can do a lot more now

  24. canvey says:

    ty for the fuel .

  25. alma says:

    thank you 4 the fuel

  26. Barbara Cole says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU….I got ALL 50 cans of fuel.

  27. Barbara Cole says:

    Well, things were bad again today. Didn’t even get HALF of what I was trying to get. Sure hope things get better soon. Hate having so many gals that I can’t come home with.

    • helen lunsford says:

      I feel the same way on all the idems I try to get ,very seldom get them all and it takes so much fuel with big eqtm. i cant keep enough

      • RDGoosto says:

        If you try to collect everyday you get less and less. Collect once a week and you will get all 50 cans. Or, that has been my experience. Don’t be greedy, be thankful for the free fuel you get!!!

  28. Barbara Cole says:

    Well, things are BAD TODAY. I received 11 of 36 tanks of fuel. THATS AWFUL. I won’t get much done with only 11 tanks of fuel. Can’t do much about it….just wait till tomorrow and try again.

    • Mr. Farmer says:

      go to ftowngifts.com I have gotten over 300,000 in fuel at one time. The key is to save to your storage a great deal. You are only permitted about 150 in your gift box so you must save to storage before your gift box is full.

    • Mr. Farmer says:

      Also, you might need to buy the refinery in order to save fuel to storage. When I save mine to storage it shows up in the refinery. Also, if you purchase an oil rig for each farm and put in a refinery, you can also make your own fuel. Couple that with free fuel and you will be great. Right now, I have 750,000 that I have produced and I play about 7 hours a day on farmtown.

  29. Barbara Cole says:

    Gosh, things have been awful night after night. I didn’t even get 20 fuel cans out of 50. Now, that’s bad. Don’t know how I can help, but I’d sure like to see things working better than they are.

  30. Barbara Cole says:

    Well, don’t have anything good to say about tonight. It was REALLY BAD.

  31. borncrazy says:

    I think its been over 24 hours. why cant i refuel ?

  32. Well I am adding this RSS to my e-mail and could look out for a lot more of your respective intriguing content. Ensure that you update this again very soon..

  33. jeanne says:

    pourquoi je vient pas a bout d avoir du fuel gratuit je comprend pas trop vos explication zuttt j aurais besoin de l aide svp merci de vouloir m aider

  34. kurt says:

    OMG !! it WORKED !!! i still can’t believe it.. ds s a nice xmas from you.. thanks you so much

  35. Teresa West says:

    OH MY HECK! This worked! I really didn’t think it would! YAY!!!! How in the world did you do this?????


  36. Jeremy says:

    Even cooler, download the I-macros plugin for Firefox so after you click all 50 icons once, you can just replay the macro next time you need fuel.

  37. David says:

    tool fuel from gifts and put into storaage, then clicked fuel pump but added no fuel, what am I doing wrong???

  38. David says:

    Loaded fuel into storage, clicked fuel but di not add any fuel, what am I doing wrong???

    • Karen Bailey says:

      Leave your fuel in your gift’s. Don’t put it in storage.

      • Cody says:

        What you need to do it put the fuel in the storage and then go to the map and click on the Fuel Station Icon and when you fuel up it will automatically add them and you will get more fuel

      • Cazza says:

        you need to reload your farmtown to for the gifts to be there

    • Mr. Farmer says:

      I have a refinery on one of my farms and every time I click my fuel to storage it shows up in the refinery. I went to ftowngifts.com and got over 300,000 in free fuel. However, you only permitted about 150 gifts in your gift box so, I had to save to my storage or else you would only end up with about 40,000 in fuel.

  39. judith phillips says:

    help i can not get fuel,it keeps telling its an unsafe site,catche has been emptied,whatever i di it still says not safe,thanks for any help

  40. jake says:

    i got over 15ooo liters of fuel got all on January the 8th ant still got 12000

  41. Ronnie Green says:

    thank you

  42. Hybridrann says:

    Thank you so much for the gift fuel, i received it hehehe God Bless now I dont need to buy fuel..Thnks a lot!

  43. Trisha says:

    Thanks you so much for the fuel….:))

  44. michelle deiparine says:

    thank you for sending all you’re gift fuel tank of mine ..

  45. bertseg says:

    merci beaucoup

  46. Sabrina says:

    Thanks so much for the fuel!!! 😀

  47. I really do enjoy the chance to receive all the free fuel . And enjoy playing the game, Farm Town more often . R A L

  48. Akhen tho says:

    Thankyou very much.. hope that there’s a free tools also..hehehhe

  49. Akhen tho says:

    Ty very much.. hope that theres a free tools also..hehehhe

  50. Maggie says:

    Thank you very much for the fuel….This is my first time to learn that I can get a lot of free gas. Thanks to Emily also who told me what to do.

  51. maureen fitzsimons says:

    thanks for ur fuel

  52. helencasimiro says:

    thanks a lot for the free fuel. I need it to continue playing the farm town

  53. Schwendinger Haukelschmuff says:

    {:-D} !!! Thank You Soooooooooooooooooo Much !!!! You’re Awesome !!! {:-D}

  54. Carol says:

    Just saying Thanks so much. This is my first time here and I will now go check out how many fuel I did get!! I will be back I am sure!! Thanks !!

  55. Gerard Burns O' Connor says:

    tks so much I cannot get enough fuel so please accept my grateful tks to this site

  56. Barbara says:

    Soooooo happy to find a place where I can get free fuel. Thanks millions.

  57. sweetsai says:

    Wow,,, this is awesome! Thank you very much for the free gifts of Fuels… From now on i can always use my tools w/o worries about fuels… xoxoooooo

  58. deb says:

    u guys & girls r the b o m b tyvm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. rubesexy says:

    Thank you very much of the fuel.

  60. rubesexy says:

    Amazing gift, thanks for the advisory.

  61. zilphia Gibbons says:

    thanks so much for the frre gifts

  62. rosalinda says:


  63. Mr Digg Em says:

    Thank you very much much needed fuel!!!!

  64. Awesome issues here. I am very satisfied to peer your article. Thank you a lot and I am having a look ahead to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  65. rosalinda says:

    thank you!

  66. Sergio Bravo says:

    Hey guys i discover a new page thats a hundred times best than this one this one has 12650 sources that mean that if you click on each u’ll get almost 4 million galons here i leave it to you =) http://www.farmtowngifts.com/?gifttype=FF&startnum=150

  67. Sergio Bravo says:

    Hello someone told me about this web i never thought it could be soo usefull! well my question is if there is any other website like this i mean people you dont know giving away gasoline! if anyone knows just let me know it please :)

  68. Sarah Martin says:

    I need to know if I can buy a facility for free…like an oil refinery

  69. Joan says:

    I have a farm town farm on my space and am looking for a site that offers free gifts to us farmers on my space. Do you know of any?

  70. Thank you very much!!! :)

  71. Julie Burgett says:

    This website is awesome! Very helpful!!!
    I have gotten the free fuel for 3 days now. Each day, there is less that I can get though. Today I was only able to get about 20-25.

    Another question I have….: when you purchase something in the store (a refinery) using farmcash, and it goes to your farm….and you don’t have grass to set it on, it disappears. Where does it go, and how do you get the farmcash back???

  72. Tom says:

    Thanks for this site it is very helpful in getting fuel. Neighbors & friends are not that generous. The number 6 tank icon has not been working for me for the last couple of weeks, there are a couple more but this is the one I notice the most. Thanks again! :o)

  73. motor oil says:

    Autozone brand motor oil: is named brand oil just in autozone bottles or just cheap?

  74. Beva says:

    Holding the key ‘Ctrl’ down while you click on as many as you need will get you the fuel faster.

    • Ann says:

      I have been getting this free fuel and it is great. I wait and click the links every 24 hours but each time I go back I am finding that there are more of the fuel links that take me right to play and not give me the gift. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.

  75. A says:

    I had a fuel pump and oil refinery on one farm and was making fuel to use with my tools. So, I decided that if I bought a fuel pump for each farm I could get more fuel. Well now when I click on the fuel pump it says it gone to the refinery and then when I go to the refinery I click on it and it says it goes somewhere but I dont know where. So I am only getting the daily fuel that I would get if I didnt have anything. What am I doing wrong to where I cant get the fuel

    • Angela says:

      Your oil pump makes crude oil. The crude oil then goes in your oil refinery. You make fuel and petrochemical in the oil refinery. If you have and oil pump on each farm work each oil pump each day. The oil refinery can only make 720 fuel and only makes 12 every 6 hours. So if you say take 300 crude oil out of your oil pump you can only make up to 720 fuel so if you already have 520 on the go only 200 crude oil can be used to make fuel. So your extra crude oil will be in your store unused. What I do is build up each oil pump and then only use one to fill up my oil refinery. A different one each day. To build up excess fuel you can either place another oil refinery on another farm or you can do what I did for several days I got fuel from a site such as mine. Use the 50 free fuel and then choose more gifts and exchange it to fuel. I did very little on my farm to use fuel and hired others where I could appart from seeding of course. I did this for about a week and then when I did empty my oil refinery and go get my fuel I had over a million in fuel by the time I had used that up I had a good amount of fuel again which kept me going once again for about 3 weeks. During that 3 weeks once again I had a good reserve of fuel. Hope that helps.

      • A says:

        OMG, I just got all my fuel from the refinery and it was a lot. So, i clicked on the fuel tank to see how much i will have when i am ready to refuel and like I said it was a lot. A few hours later when I ran out I went to refuel and it was gone. What in the world happened?? Please dont tell me I lost it all?

      • Sabrina says:

        Is this Angela in Yakima? LOL!

  76. Bryan says:

    please help. i Can’t use my fuel that I received as gift. It only shows the tab that says “go to the market and sell it”. How can i use my gift so that i can refuel it to the 3×3 seeder?

    • Angela says:

      When the fuel is in your gift box it will only say that. DO NOT SELL IT. when you want to refuel go to your fuel can icon top left and click on it. It will then add all fuel that you have including what is in your gift box. Click refuel and you will notice when you go to gift box all your fuel will have gone. Hope that helps

    • clement watts says:

      when you go to google then to f/tfree gifts ..you will see red fuel tanks click on 1st 1 then accept it then you will see your free gifts com up on screen then accept them all thenclick on fuel freegifts forfarmtown then red tank comes back up accept then click top bar again on fuel free farmtown gifts ### do the same with all free gifts

    • martyn tombs says:

      dont save it when you got it click on the fuel

  77. farmer says:

    whats a quicker and easier way to get all the tools besides using your own cash??

    • Millie Merriam says:

      leveling up & FC are the only way to get the tools. 1 FC per level. We can only hope they add more levels soon!

  78. Jill says:

    How do you put gifts on for others, i’m always thankful but don’t know how to return favour?

  79. Sarah says:

    You can also exchange all of the fuel to get something else you need on your farm.

  80. Judi says:

    I thought I was adding fuel…and it gave me about 20 stone benches… what’s up w/that??

  81. jo carrot says:

    if i have a oil pump, and the refinery can i use the fuel i make, or only sell it??

    • Angela says:

      You can use the fuel you make in the refinery for yourself but you must put it in your store to use it. It will then be added with any fuel gifts you have got when you go to refuel. TIP: have an oil pump on every farm that way you can make plenty of fuel to last especially if you are overlapping or layering fields. Do not put more than one oil pump on any one farm . i.e do not put two oil pumps on one farm because the second will only be for decoration and not functional.

  82. Barb says:

    I finally have the blue 3×3 harvester and plow in my storage. When hired on other farms they are not available to be used or I just don’t know how. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I finally got the 32 tree chainsaw and that works on other people’s farms. This is so frustrating. Can you suggest something?

    • Angela says:

      You can only use the 4×4 or 5×5 or combine on other peoples farms. It does seem silly but it’s how slashkey have decieded to run the game. You will have to still single click until you upgrade to 4×4.

  83. Richard Carpenter says:

    How do I go T\to the offline mode?

    • Angela says:

      Go to the 6 small icons at the top and click on the one that looks like a “plug” 5th icon along top right of your screen. It should be green. A pop up box will ask you if you wish to disconnect from farm town mainframe, click the green tick and the box should disappear and the icon “plug” icon should now be red. Just click on it again to go back online.

  84. ron says:

    a silly question , but i have to ask
    i just bought a chainsaw and truck , why cant i use it on other peoples farms ?

    • Angela says:

      I don’t know you should be able to use it on others farms if they have hired you to chop the chainsaw should show up in your bottom bar for you to use. It will only show the orange chainsaw if you have upgraded to the green chainsaw it won’t show but when you click on the orange one it will turn to green. If they have multi-hired you for jobs then you need to go in your tool box and expand the green arrow and you will see all your tools in there to use on their farm.

    • gail41 says:

      Make sure you have it in your storage when you work for anyone.

  85. Cindy says:

    UPDATE…. I decided to only store 5 tanks this time in case it was taken so i stored 5 and it left me with 25 tanks left which i left in my gift box. Went and fueled up and decided to expand the farm so I expanded and rebooted and when i got back into the farm, my fuel was still there but all 25 tanks that were left in my gift box are gone….. O _ O ! WTH? As far as the fuel, I have the solar plow so it only costs to harvest and seed. I am only lev 26 and my field is small. There is just no way I can use 8 thousand gallons bessides, when i left the farm yesterday my fuel was still above 7500k fuel. But now 25 tanks went poof.. I dont get it lol

    • Angela says:

      I don’t know why you are loosing fuel so quickly but I do know why your fuel is missing from gifts and store. You don’t have to send your fuel to store you can keep them in your gift box and they will be counted automatically when you fill up. There is no way to stop farm town using the fuel you kept to the side in gifts.
      It depends which harvester you are using and if you are layering crops or overlapping fields because it does take an awful lot of fuel even on the smaller fields for overlapping/ stacked. If you are layering it doesn’t always calculate the fuel correctly with each layer tab you have open until you refresh the game so don’t go by what you see next to the fuel can at the top until you have refreshed.
      Check the forum and make sure that’s it’s not the new updates that aren’t causing the problem with your fuel loss once filling up. There’s a link in my links to the forum will take you straight there look in Known Issues, glitches and bugs see if others are having the same problem.
      Hope that helped explain some of your fuel problems.

    • Susan Smith says:

      Cindy – Internet Explorer does not work near as well as Mozilla Firefox (4 I think-the newest version) web browser. Download Mozilla as your web broser & use that to get your tanks.
      What I do:
      Open a fuel link (here or farmtowngifts.com) & close when after it says “You have just excepted this gift”. If one of the links starts to open your FT, close it right away and go to the next link. I do 10-12 in a row, then accept the fuel which opens my FT. It will ask if you want to see your gifts , say NO. They will go into your Gifts. CLOSE YOUR previous FT window before doing this again. I use this method about 3-5 times in a row.
      If you have Mozilla and a newer computer (must have a larger memory) you can download 50 gals. of fuel daily at a time on http://www.farmtowngifts.com using their 1 Click option. Happy farming.

      • Angela says:

        Yes Mozilla is best browser for this Susan although it will work with the others, Chrome, Safari etc. I use Firefox all the time as i find it is so much easier with all the flash games on facebook.

  86. Cindy says:

    Hi, Thanks so much for all the great giftsand wonderful information. You are a true gem! :) I was wondering if you have heard of anyone hacking into accounts in farmtown and taking the fuel lately? Yesterday I came in here and used your fuel gifts and stored all of them and loaded up on fuel. It was well over 8k gallons and my farm is just small, i am farely new to farmtown. So I seeded my plots and only used a small amount and when i came in today all my fuel was gone. So here I am getting more and hoping it was a one time deal… Any advice on what to do if it happens again? Thanks so much :)

    • Angela says:

      I’ve never heard of that happening before Cindy. You can use Fuel very quickly and easily. A little tip for you, you can use any of the other gifts i.e. sugar and in the gift section exchange it for fuel so that your not restricted to the amount of fuel that is in free gifts here. I have used 20k plus a day especially if i have been helping out others at the market as well.

    • Cody says:

      Thanks!!!!! I have a 4×4 harvester and I hate runnin` low or out of fuel…. I really appreciate this!!!! This is real helpful to me.

  87. Virginia says:

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful information and free items. I love your site so much! I was wondering if maybe you know of a way to either off the avatar or at least freeze it lol. I hate it so bad, it drives my bonkers lol…. :)

    • Angela says:

      Thanks for the great comment. You avatar will work quicker when you harvest, seed or plow if you go to the offline mode. Have you made sure that the avatar is unticked on your preferences “follow avatar while walking”.Other than that i haven’t any other suggestions. Happy farming.

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