How to plow overlapping fields In Farm Town

Here is a video for you on how to plow overlapping fields in Farm Town. This is an up to date video and i currently use this method on my farms. You don’t need fuel to plow but you do need plenty of fuel to seed and harvest overlapping fields. If you want to look at the written step by step instructions you will find them in my Tricks section.

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  2. Sharon moore says:

    I have a farm that the default button is shadowed and will not release . Any advice?

  3. Jewell Crouch says:

    could you send me directions on how to have never ending bait for the fish. I know there is a way, but I forgot.

  4. Johnd815 says:

    This is one awesome blog post. Keep writing. ekdeakeebdck

  5. mildred allbritton says:

    thanks for the tips, I would like to know how to stack the ponds and lakes without having to buy the glove.

  6. Holly says:

    Do you overlap ponds (say the small sea coast) the same way? Thanks

  7. paula says:

    graciasssssssssssss me salio genial ahora puedo cambiar todas las granjas,,, muy bien explicado y eso que apenas se ingles jajajaja thank you very much

  8. melba says:

    at what point after you have plowed the three tabs when do you plant.?

  9. scotty says:

    I need help bad i dont want to make stacked fields just want to i guess they call it overlapping dont want fields on top of each other but i may be stupid i could not follow the instructions i have a mac also & use chrome but when you where the top right is play & open i dont have that can you please please help

  10. makenzie says:

    i have a farm that is full of chopping trees and would like to place a plowed farm under the trees could u plz plz help me in being able to do this plz

  11. Lee says:

    I worked upon farms that belonged to one farmer It had 3 layers/stacks 1 crops, 1 all flowers & 1 all trees I have tried to do this but cant work out how it was done. Any ideas I did ask farmer but no reply.

    • Bev says:

      When you stack anything you have to have enough ‘open link in new tab page’ open..then take them all of-line..Go to each tab do whatever you want..i.e. put trees, flowers, and/or buildings just on one of the that tab. Next step go to another tab and plow; save the page. If you want layered you go to next tab so the same just leave a little space before plowing. you can do this as many tabs as you like. Letting you plow 3 horizontal and 3 vertical if you’d like. Just make sure they are all off-line and you save each page. Then when you reload farmtown it’s all on one farm…Hope this is not too confusing!! It gets easier after you do the first one~Good luck

  12. amanda says:

    thankyou so much for producing such an easy to follow step by step video i am sure this is idiot proof cant wait to get back to farmtown and try this out i am confident that even i will have no problems after watching this 😀

  13. Marlene says:

    Thank you so much Angela, this was so easy to do, much better than the older way.

  14. Robert Hayden says:

    How many “overlaps” can be placed on each farm? Is three the max? I work a farm for a farmer and she said she had nine. I have three on mine, but I haven’t figured out how to do more.

    • Angela says:

      I think the max is 6 but thats if you do three horizontally as well. I have shown you how to do it vertically on the video. Very complicated to do the max and too much hard work if you ask me.

      • Robert Hayden says:

        I thank you for your help to me and others. If you can and have the time, how do I change plowing to horizontal rather than vertical? Thanks

        • Angela says:

          Yes you can do it horizontal. My partner did it this way. Do exactly as you do for vertical open the 3 tabs but use something like the coconut tree that has a slender trunk. Put 3 coconut trees in top left corner and use theses to represent one rung in the plowed field and the second tree represents the 2nd rung on the second tab and so on.

    • Angie says:

      i have nine overlapps on my farm…it can be done but it takes a while and it slows ur computer down a bit! lol

  15. joie says:

    Would like to know if I can do overlapping plow fields with existing plow fields or I have to delete all the existing plowed fields?

    I got 5 existing plowed fields can it’s just too bad if I have to delete all of them … please need help thanks so much

    • Angela says:

      Yes unfortunatly you have to delete the already plowed fields because you have to start with a blank page so to speak for each 3 tabs open

  16. Hello I was just wondering if there is any cheats for more then 1 refuel a day … I am always running out of fuel .. I am on lev 138 .. I have 25 farm £….. I need 35 £ .. to get the oil refinery .. it is going to take me a long time to get the things I need .. can u help thank you .. miss C. Skelly xx

    • Angela says:

      no sorry there isn’t the only thing you can do is make sure you get plenty of fuel. There is no limit as to how much fuel you can gather.. There are 50 fuel on this site but if you need more just choose one of the other gift pages and as you accept them exchange them into fuel.

    • Bev says: You can get as much as you want here yes in one day:) Good luck

  17. Noreen Bleh says:

    Most of them are fake.
    So how did you figure this out ??
    It would be nice if you replied.

  18. irene says:

    can you show how you can plow under building and trees when doing overlapped fields. you did such a great job showing how to overlap.


    • Angela says:

      When you overlap each new tab has an empty field if you are overlapping the lot. To plow under anything and overlap each tab when you go to it you just put one plow plot on the farm and then delete it with the bulldozer as long as tree flowers and buildings are hidden before you start opening each tab you should have no problems. so tab 1 before you start overlapping place one plowed plot delete with bulldozer then start overlapping. 2nd tab make one plow plot delete with bulldozer and then continue your overlapping. 3rd tab plow one plot and delete with bulldozer and continue with overlapping. Hope that helps

  19. Amy says:

    Thank you so much~~
    This was a perfect demo. Made so much sense. 😉

  20. marion baker says:

    i am useing google chrome and i don’t get the tabs when i do the play button it opens in the same tab and i tried firefox and that did the same thing can you help? thanks marion

    • marion baker says:

      i think i figured it out i just did not get the bottom of the page done but i will do something different on a smaller field or just do a couple of rows down to see how things go
      thanks marion

    • Marita says:

      Click on “Farm Town on Facebook” above the Play button. I use Chrome too and this works.

  21. killpatty says:

    Just did this yesterday and it still works….FLAWLESSLY!!

  22. linda says:

    Thank you very much you have been a big help in doing this I had no trouble at all

  23. SLib says:

    Thanks for a demonstration that I could understand! This helped a lot!

  24. charles says:

    i would like to thank you for the well explained example of overlapping a plowed field. i tried once before and it turned out horrible because i lost connection on my 2nd and 3rd fields. thank you for taking the time to make a video of this. off i go to do it right this time. thank you so very much!

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