Layering Crops in Farm Town

Layering crops
Layering crops is different to overlapping fields. Layering is where you put one crop on top of another on the same farm. You can not however put the same crop on top of each other. Each crop has to be different.
You can lay different harvest time crops or you can lay same harvest time crops. I.e. seed pineapple 3 days, next layer seed pepper 2 days, next layer seed Tea 1 day. OR seed purple grapes 4 hrs, next layer seed green beans 4hrs, next layer beats 4hrs.

Getting prepared

Go to your farm on Farm Town that you want to work on.Plow your field as normal if it is not already plowed. Hide trees, buildings and flowers. Make sure you have enough fuel because if you run out while planting a field and go and get some it will refresh the game and ruined your layering. You can continue by planting manually but if you have the larger farm it will take a long time. Make this farm your default farm by clicking on your farms name (in the brown oval at the top where your farms name is) a box will appear. Tick the box make this farm default and then click on the green tick.

Now at the top right you have six small icons in squares. Click on the one that looks like a plug 5th one along (it should be green). A box will come up asking if you want to disconnect from farm town mainframe and enter offline mode click the green tick. The plug icon should now be red.

Now go to the top of your page where it says PLAY next to send gifts.
Open a new tab on your browser. You may do this by right clicking on Play and in the drop down menu click on open link in new tab. Or you may have another method of opening new tabs.

Go to the new tab you have opened and you should be on the farm you set as default if you forgot then go to the farm you want to work on. Do the same again with your plug icon set your farm to offline mode.
Now open another tab same way as before. Move to that tab and set your farm again to offline mode.


You may open as many tabs as you like to layer but don’t forget to move to each tab and set as offline. I usually only do 3 or 4 layers as it can get confusing if you do too many but it’s up to you what you can manage. I suggest for beginners you only try it with 2 or 3 until you get more confident.

Now go back to your first tab (far left) plant the longest to harvest seed if you are doing it different harvest times and not the same harvest time. So pineapples would be the first you seed for different harvest time OR one of the same harvest time seeds if you are doing it that way.

Now sow your seeds on the first farm. Wait until all your seeds are planted before moving onto the next step. Click Save once your Avatar has finished seeding every plot. Now close that tab by clicking on the x at end of the tab. You should now see your next tab farm with just normal plowing on it. NO seeding done.

Don’t worry if you see the reconnect to Farm Town mainframe box just click on the red X.
Now follow the instructions again for seeding this farm. So you would seed peppers on this farm OR a different seed if doing same harvest time seeds. Wait until planting is done and then click save and close the tab. Keep following the instructions until your last tab farm you have opened.

Seed your last farm as per instructions except seed tea Or a different seed if doing the same harvest time. Wait until planting is done. NOW instead of turning off the tab if this is your last farm click Save and then  Play tab to refresh your farm. If you have followed the instructions you should see the last seeds you planted.
It is sometimes useful to leave one plowed field top corner plot empty from the second farm and you will see what seeds you have planted underneath on your last farm to seed.


You can either harvest yourself or you can go to the market to get someone to harvest for you. Once you have harvested as normal you need to delete your unplowed fields. Do not Plow. If you did not manage to harvest in time and your top crop is dead but you planted longer harvesting time crop underneath then you need to just delete your fields. Delete your fields using the bulldozer. You should have a totally empty farm. Now either go to one of your other farms and come back to the default farm or click on play at the top near send gifts and when your farm reloads you should have your next lot of crops showing.
Once you have got to your last crops that you layered after you have harvest or someone else has you can then plow and start all over again.

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44 Responses to Layering Crops in Farm Town

  1. katie says:

    i am needing farmtown neighbours ,need 20 to upgrade please add me

  2. Ruth says:

    my loading is so slow and i was told too manylayered farms how do i delete layering

  3. Is there a video to show me how to layer farms.. I have my farms overlapped but do I need just single plowed fields for this to work? Thanking you in advance for your help.

  4. Kellie Powell says:

    When stacking your farms can you use a seeder ?

  5. karen james says:

    i have found this site so helpful,i have stacked before on my farms, and i still forget what i did so its so handy to be able to come here and read everyones questions and answers….thank you..xx

  6. Douglas James says:

    When the term “plow” is used does that mean that you are starting this whole process on grass or starting on the squares that have little furrows in them.

  7. debbie darling davis says:

    I know that layering is planting of the tabs opened. I know that overlapping/stacking fields is where you “plow” on however many tabs opened. Why would you “plow” or overlap if you can do it layering? HELP

  8. debbie darling davis says:

    I know I’m ignorant and almost totally computer illiterate….I used to do this but I’m not sure if it’s overlapping or layering????? how do you know the difference? I’m confused in the difference between overlapping or layering. HELP

  9. Barb says:

    How do you layer crops using a Mac computer??? I can’t right click to open a new tab. I have searched the web and cannot find out anything on how to do it! Please advise if you know how. Thank you !!

  10. Billy Bob says:

    i tried to layer my farms. i opened 5 tabs i did everything like it should be done, once i planted the first farm with the 4 day crop and then went to the next one it told me that that field has already been planted and it wouldnt let me plant anything…was the bug fixed??? if it was than that stinks!!! hahaha

  11. Kristie says:

    I’ve been trying to layer crops with the same harvest time in this case I used 12 hour crops. Is there something different you have to do when they are the same harvest time because I am seeing different crops when it get’s close to harvest time. I didn’t know if this was because when you’re doing “same harvest time” the last tab you seed actually has a slightly longer harvest time than the fist tab because you planted it last. I know this sounds confusing thanks in advance for your help!

  12. Pat Lisenby says:

    I tried for the first time to layer my fields! I’m pretty sure I did it right because I printed out the directions. now I can’t get my farm to load anyone know why?? A friend logged in on his computer and got on my farm why will it not load on my computer?? please someone help me!

  13. shortygothgrl says:

    I had been layering my crops in farm town for a while with no problem. I stopped doing it cause it just got too time consuming. I decided I wanted to layer one field again last week did it the way I usually do and once the crops were done I did the usual harvest/delete fields and refresh to load the crops underneath and they werent there… I know I didnt miss anything did FT fix the glitch?? I still can’t get it to work I double checked yesterday and Wound up with only 1 crop after over an hour of plowing/seeding I usually do 3 or 4 layers cause I do know what im doing… someone let me know if they are having the same problem and know they aren’t messing it up.

  14. roy says:

    i haevested after layering, all the crop went into storage,but i did not receive any coins or experience points is this normal

    • shortygothgrl says:

      no usually you get the XP and coins… dont knwo why it didnt work for you sorry that happened

    • Mary Alvator says:

      I had the same thing happen to me today and I’m really upset. I had 8 fields of acorn squash I had one of my neighbors do and got only 6 points out of the whole thing. It makes me want to quit farmtown.

  15. lori says:

    Do you know how you can find out how many layers you did? I forgot, and I don’t want to have to re-plow my last one. Is there a way?

    • Angela says:

      Best tip is to write down what crops you use for each layer or if like yourself you can’t remember just delete couple of fields refresh your game and if you have just grass where you deleted then you have no more layered harvest underneith. If you have crop showing then you have more layers to harvest.

      • Renae says:

        If you want to check and see if there is another layer under the current one you just harvested just plow a few spots. Then you refresh the page if they are still plowed after refresh then there is nothing underneath. If the fields pop back up as harvested fields you have another layer underneath. I keep a legend I start planting in the upper left hand corner of my farm. The 1st layer I seed all plots. The 2nd layer I skip one and start on the 2nd square. The 3rd layer I skip 2 etc.. When you reload your farm the 1st plot will be layer one, 2nd plot will show layer two, 3rd plow will show layer 3. I also make sure the bottom layer has a longer harvest time. This acts like a brake. If you use the bulldozer to delete fields it will only delete until you get to crops and it stops.

    • Julie says:

      When I layer on farmtown, I decide how many crops I want to plant and open that many tabs, making sure that is my default farm and everything is “hidden”. also pop the plug and go offline up on your tools. After I have opened the desired tabs, planted the first one, save and then close the tab there is the new field. I go to any specific corner and delete the first plot, then continue on doing so for each layer. After I have completed all of the layers, then there will be one plot for each crop planted exposed so you can see what you have planted. It is also helpful, since we now have multiple farms, to use a notebook and write down what you’re planting, time it takes to harvest and so forth. This will also prevent you from deleting your original field at the end as you will know what crop is last. It is a good idea to stagger the harvest time on your layering.

  16. Amanda Carlin says:

    I have been trying to stack my fields in farmtown. Some websites say you can’t do it anymore. Can someone tell me how to do it.

  17. William says:

    Can anybody advise me about how to go about layering a farm with overlapped fields. I have done the above, but the crops get mixed up, I have planted corn, Blueberry, Coffee and Onions. But when they are ready, I see some Onions, Coffee, Blueberry at the same time. Is there something that I missed

  18. Arley says:

    i did the stacking but, did not stack
    I set the farm as default closed all trees buildings, extra
    set 3 tabs one at a time
    plowed 1 row down left side
    2nd tab
    went down to the second brown line on plow field, turn main off line
    cont. on down
    saved again
    3rd tab
    went down to the third brown line on plow field, turn main line off
    cont. on down

    saved again
    now do I remove all extra tabs after saving?
    I went back to the main farm here and it is not any different, it is driving me nuts
    what am I doing wrong
    can I plow 1/3 on each tab?
    How does the whole farm get stacked?
    hope you can help, please

    • Angela says:

      Make sure you are starting with the first tab that you opened far left. Once you have plowed you must click save and then close that tab so you only have the two tabs open. Plow the next field and then save and close the tab before moving on to the last tab left open, plow that field and save and then refresh your game by clicking on PLAY. You should now have overlapping/stacked plowing.

  19. Heidi Florence says:

    Do I save before I close tab? And what if I do?

    • Angela says:

      Yes sorry just realised i hadn’t put save before closing tab thanks for bringing that to my attention. Please make sure all XP and coins have gone from above avatars head before clicking save and closing tab. You can turn the XP and coins off now in preferences ( new game updates 15/03/2011 ). I would suggest you keep them on when you are Layering so you know you have completely finished that field.

  20. Lady Stegent says:

    This a great material. I enjoyed it very much. Lady Stegent

  21. Lots of excellent reading here, many thanks! I had been searching on yahoo when I found your article, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to much more from you.

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