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Farm Town is an online Farm game and is developed by Slashkey for your entertainment on Facebook . It’s a great game to play for fun and to help you to relax and unwind. BEWARE this game is addictive and competitive amongst your friends. The bonus is that it’s free to play.

What Farm Town Tricks can do for you

Whether you are a beginner at the game or an experienced farmer then this site can give you all the information you need to get the best from your virtual online farm. New tips and tricks and glitches in the game are being found all the time and as I actually do play the game it’s not long before I find them out for myself and now with this site I can share them all with you. As I use most of the tricks and tips myself I know they work because I use them on my own farms. You may want to have the best looking farm or have the most money or the most XP. Whatever you want out of your farming experience this site will give you all the information you need to be a top notch farmer. You’ll get step by step instructions and also video footage to help you achieve your dream farm.

Levels in Farm Town

Slashkey do a great job trying to keep us happy by bringing out new things to improve our gaming experience. You have plenty of farms to house all the trees, flowers, tools, decorations, buildings, animals, rivers, facilities and all the other things you can buy out of the store. You can only buy certain things at certain levels so the step by step guides will help you decide which is best for your farm and help you not to waste money on things you don’t really need. Even experienced players of Farm Town are getting confused by the facilities available and you can waste a lot of hard earned farm cash or farm coins buying the wrong facility. So I’ve even got information on the facilities and what you need to put in them to make them work for you.

Level Guides Here


Problems with Farm Town

If you are having problems with Farm Town then please go and visit the official slashkey forum and report your problem there or see if there is any other users having the problem, there is often a solution within the forum or slashkey is aware of it and trying to sort the problem for you. Farm Town does run slow sometimes and sometimes you even get kicked off the game and end up back on your facebook wall. It’s not always slashkeys problem, it sometimes is facebook changing things within their servers. There are some steps you can take to try and speed up the game or stop problems happening. I have put a step by step guide on how to do this in “Help” at the top of this page. Including how to link to the forum to get help.

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Enjoy Farm Town Tricks and get what you want from it. There are plenty of articles, videos, how to’s and links just for you. Navigate around the site either using the top navigation bar or use the Categories or Recent Posts on the right hand column. If you’ve never been on Farm Town then you need to sign up to Facebook first. I have put the link in for you in links  above but don’t forget to bookmark this site so you can come back and get all the latest hints and tips and Free gifts. Please remember to bookmark the home page as I constantly adding new tricks, tips and hints and Free gifts daily.


THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL SLASHKEY SITE please visit the Farm Town Help section if you are having problems.